Get organised

Whereas most of us would love to live our lives idly on an African safari, work is a fact that we have to deal. If there’s one thing that will determine how your day goes, it is likely to occur at the start of your day. Fortunately, you have a way of controlling whether you have a good day, bad day, stressful day, or lucky day. How you start your day can determine your level of productivity, your creativity, and your ability to stay mentally alert until you clock out. Here’s a list of ideas on how to make the most of your day based on how it starts, which can be particularly useful for people in high-stress work like finance jobs, tech support, call centers, or executive level.

1. Get to work on time

If you arrive late, you can spend your day feeling like all you are doing is catching up. If you are on time, you will feel more in control of your productivity, and it makes a good impression.

Get to work on time

2. Breathe and visualize your day

You might be stressed because of your morning commute into work. When you sit down at your desk, take a deep breath (while your computer is booting up), close your eyes, and gently visualize the outcome of your day. Prepare yourself to get everything was done that needs to get done.

breathe easy

3. Ease into it

Before you are rushed upon by colleagues, ease into your work day. Take a moment, drink a cup of coffee, and start attending to emails and other communications that may have come in overnight.

Ease into it

4. Wipe the slate clean

Even if you are dealing with ongoing projects, start each day’s work afresh. Leave yesterday’s action quota in yesterday and start the new day’s work in an organized and novel way.

Wipe the slate clean

5. Get organised

Scan through your emails to prioritize them into high, medium, and low priority. Don’t answer any communications just yet. Make a to-do list and block out your day with what you need to get done. Even high-level organizing can provide you with a realistic mindset about how much you can achieve in your eight-hour work day. Organize your desk – starting work in a nice space also provides your head with a bright space in which function.

Get organised

6. Connect with your colleagues

Check in with your partners to find out what they need to achieve for the day – and sharing your goals – which should give you an idea of any potential pitfalls you may need to resolve during the day or week.

Connect with your colleagues

7. Respond to communications

Working with a priority, the early morning is an excellent time to tend to those emails and make those phone calls. Morning conversations are a lot more useful because the respondent is also starting out his or her day and won’t be at a point where they are too busy to reply to you.

Respond to communications

Stick to your to-do list and if you feel like you are falling behind, delegate some tasks to resources with capacity. What other morning rituals or practices are an excellent way to start your work day?



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