Imagine yourself pulling an all-nighter for the past few days just to finish a project on deadline and your laptop lags in the last few minutes. You have no choice but to restart your laptop and start over again. Sounds frustrating right? If you are an office worker or a pro gamer, sure enough, you’d need a laptop with a more prominent space to accommodate all your files. Simply put, you need an SSD laptop.

If you think that laptops with built-in SSD will only burn a hole in your pocket, think again. These kinds of a laptop will make your life more comfortable and more convenient. Here are the following reasons I have listed that will discuss the benefits of investing in SSD laptop.


1. Ideal for mobile use

mobile use

Considering the fact that entrepreneurs nowadays rely most on the technology, having an SSD laptops extremely beneficial because it allows you to carry it around wherever you go. Laptops with SSDs can secure your data because if you accidentally drop it, rest assured that you’ll still have your files because there are no moving parts in an SSD. Since it’s shocking resistant, there’s no need to worry if you are traveling and commuting on a daily basis.

As what we’ve mentioned above, SSDs are slimmer and sleeker than an average mechanical drive. With a measurement of only 1.8”, it’d be no hassle in bringing it anywhere you want to. Slimmer and portable laptops in the market are becoming more popular because of the advantages that it can offer.


2. Enhanced rendering of files

Enhanced rendering of files

Compared to an HDD, an SDD drive can render data faster. There is a solid-state flash memory that utilizes ICs when it comes to accessing your files. There are no mechanical parts that will hinder the process or transition, so rest assured that the drive speed will elevate than usual. It is handy for business owners who create promotional videos and infographics. There is no need to compress the size because of the massive amount of storage an SSD drive can accommodate, so you don’t have to limit yourself anymore.

Aside from that, an SSD drive is also a must in a stock market. Speedy data processing is required to catch up with the algorithms because the market is continuously changing and the SSD drive can give you the speed that you need.


3. Ideal for streaming videos

Ideal for streaming videos

One of the most effective marketing campaigns done by business owners nowadays is streaming online video. An SSD drive can accommodate the streaming video better than other drives. You will never succeed in delivering a proper streaming video if you keep on lagging and crashing. Hence, it seems reasonable to say that SSD is a great option if you are going to conduct a resource-consuming process.


4. It does not create unnecessary noise

unnecessary noise

If you tend to compare the HDD drive from an SSD drive, you can rest assured that the latter does not form any extraneous sounds generated by moving parts. There are no spinning plates that are needed to be read by an SSD drive. It’s is run by a solid state technology. SSD users don’t need to worry about overheating, because there’s nothing to overheat n the first place.


5. It is 100 times faster than HDD drive

100 times faster than HDD drive

The access speed of an SDD drive is of 35 to 100 microseconds, nothing compared to the HDD drive. Therefore, this speedy access just means that you can run the program efficiently, render your video in no time, and produce high-definition graphics on your screen without consuming a lot of time. A typical HDD, on the other hand, will take from 5,000 up to 10,000 microseconds before you can even access your data. If you are in business and you waste even 10,000 micro-seconds of your time, you also lost a lot of money in the process and opportunities. Why miss these great deals if you can easily access it through the help of a laptop with built-in SSD?


6. Cost-effective


While it cannot be denied that SDD is a little costly compared to an HDD drive, rest assured that your investment is worth it. As you can notice, only a few laptops with built-in solid state drive have over a hundred gigabytes of storage. If you have a desktop computer with an SSD, an HDD drive may be added to provide more space.

Considering the HDD that is much cheaper than the SSDs, you can buy one for over 500 GB at a reasonable price. Both are great investments, but only SSD can provide exceptional performance.


7. It consumes lesser power

consumes lesser power

One good thing about solid state drive is that it consumes lesser power than the HDD. Hence, even if you are going to use your laptop all throughout the day without a break, rest assured that you will be able to save battery life in the process that can help in making sure that your work will be done right. The thing about HDD is that it has a few moving parts that are required to spin whenever you are accessing your data. Therefore, you will need an outlet and a charger near your side if you plan on using HDD in working on a big project. Plus, the risk of crashing and lagging is at its highest stake especially if you have an older model of a laptop.

I’ve used HDD for as long as I can remember but when the solid state drive was introduced to me, my work had become easier and faster. Since then, I didn’t hesitate to invest in a hundred gigabyte solid state drive, and up until now, it’s still in good condition and working properly to help me meet my deadlines and finish my work on time.

Now that you know the benefits of a solid state drive, I hope it can help you in making a proper decision of investing in one. The aforementioned advantages are beneficial for business owners and content creators who need a lot of storage and fast rendering process when working.