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Is your company limiting the amount of business travel that you can go on? Are you looking for ways to cut costs when you still do have to make those necessary trips to see clients or drum up a new business? There are some easy to implement cost-cutting measures that you can start taking today to save your company money and show them that you are taking cost-cutting seriously.

Cost cutting can sometimes be difficult especially in a hospitality industry that caters to business travelers and has high prices at places such as airports and hotels where business travelers are captive. To make business travel more cost-effective here are a few tips to help keep expenses down.

Evolution of Business Travel

  • Pack wisely – be smart about your packing. Pack snacks with you like granola bars, trail mix, or nuts and save on excess spending at the airport or expensive hotel restaurants. Also, you can bring along travel size medicines or toiletries so that you do not need to buy them on the road.
  • Share transportation – if you are traveling with co-workers share the taxi to and from the airport or share the cost of a rental car so that you can be mindful of your company’s expenses while at the same time strategize on new business ideas for your clients.
  • Use public transportation to and from the client site or office – if you are traveling to a large city such as New York or Atlanta there are great opportunities to use public transportation to get you to the major areas of town. It can be the much more efficient way to travel and at the same time be cost effective.
  • Find the local markets – when on business travel it can sometimes be hard to find the time to get healthy and cost-effective food, but finding local delis where you can buy fruit, breakfast food, and small snacks that may tide you over for smaller meals and limit the amount you spend on meals out.
  • If you are frequent traveler use your status to get access to Club Lounges – often in club lounges at nice hotels they offer complimentary breakfast and appetizers and drinks in the evenings that can often pass for dinner.

When you are on business travel, you can find ways to control costs and help your company keep expenses under control. Try some of these ways today!


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