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July 16, 2018
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Home Business Tips
I know one of the big draws to having a home business on the Internet is the initial startup costs. There are many ways to get started working from home with your own business and not spend any money doing it. This can have its benefits, but it could also create problems for you.   Here are three home business tips...
give and take
Negotiation is a necessary life skill – it could mean the difference between being underpaid and getting the salary you deserve; between getting your kids to do some of the chores versus raising lazy kids; or unfairly paying for a portion of your friends’ restaurant bill versus trying your best to save money. Negotiation is not just for people...
Get organised
Whereas most of us would love to live our lives idly on an African safari, work is a fact that we have to deal. If there’s one thing that will determine how your day goes, it is likely to occur at the start of your day. Fortunately, you have a way of controlling whether you have a good day,...
How to Listen Attentively
Business meetings can be formal or informal, catered in a boardroom or executed over a quick cup of coffee in the office canteen. However, if you are going to be attending a formal business meeting and have been invited as a guest, it is important to adhere to proper etiquette as a show of respect and to ensure the...
business cycle idea
Fluctuation in the economic activities including a real boom or collapse of the economic growth over a period is termed as stages of a business cycle. It is the time of expansion or recession. National Bureau of Economic Research using quarterly GDP growth-rate determines the business cycle. NBER uses many other factors to determine the economic cycle such as...

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