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Although world travel is meant to be fun and opens up your eyes to the experiences of the world, it can also be stressful with health and money concerns.

But world travel does not have to be stressful if you take the right precautions beforehand. These precautions can include the travel consolidators to find good deals and discounts on the airline tickets, lodging, rental cars, and any tours you are taking during the trip.

It is also good to have medical resources, insurance, and passport information prepared and ready to go on your journey. As discussed in a previous blog post researching the CDC, US Dept of State or World Health Organization can provide you with a lot of great information on medical and vaccination needs before travel. Also making sure you check that your passport is not expired and is ready to go is an important thing to know before traveling.

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Another way to minimize stress while traveling is to keep a travel book with you such as a Lonely Planet book or Frommers/Fodors which provide useful information on what to do and see while you are in a country. Also, it doesn’t hurt to take a dictionary of the language you speak and the language of the country (e.g., English-French dictionary if you are going to France). That way if you are struggling with the language and getting information across to the locals you can consult your dictionary and try to get the right information.

While you are traveling, know that the embassy of your country is always at your disposal to help you in case any travel situations occur. When I was going in the Bahamas years ago, and we had some major trouble with our accommodations one of my friends contacted the American embassy, and someone was sent over to help us out. If you have any major problems, make sure you know that you are know how to contact the embassy.

Finally, while you are traveling keep contact information and copies of your passport information with family/friends back at home so that if any problems occur you can contact them and get help.

World travel does not need to be stressful if you take some precautions before you leave and while you are on travel leaving you the time and energy to enjoy your time away.


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