Family Road Trip Tips

Last week we had a long weekend because aside from the usual weekend days, Monday and Tuesday were also declared as non-working holidays. Since we don’t want to waste our time at home, my family decided to take a road trip. We don’t have any idea where to go; it was just a spontaneous decision. A night before our scheduled trip there was a travel show being shown on the cable, and we decided to visit one of the tourist attractions that was featured on the show.


Going on a family road trip, I mean not only your own family but including the in-laws and friends is not an easy task. You need to take a lot of considerations from where to go,  hiring a  group transportation, where to stop, where to eat. etc.. Being a seasoned traveler, the concept of a family trip is not a problem to us anymore. Here are the tips that I want to share with you on how to have fun and enjoyable trip with your family and close friends.

mother on a road trip

1. If you are taking kids with you, make sure you prepare a “backseat” activity for them to beat the boredom of traveling.

2. Bring extra food even if you have the plan to stop at any store or restaurants along the way. If possible bring along lots of snacks and drinks especially for the kids.

3. Don’t forget the camera! With social networks sprawling all over the internet, I’m sure you are eager to show to the world the fun you had on your trip.

4. Prepare your car/s for the voyage. Make sure all the cars that you will bring with you are all in tip-top condition. One car breakdown will suffer everyone. I recommend hiring a van or mini-bus for a group transportation.

5. Mobile phones are essential (or one-way radios) especially for the drivers to communicate.

6. Be a tour guide for the group if you’ve been to the place where you are going. Make the trip an educational one especially to the kids.

7. Volunteer. If there’s an opportunity, do it. For example, if there are five of you and only four can be accommodated on cable car ride then volunteer to be left behind and just take the next trip.


With a  little preparation, a family road trip can be a lot of fun and educational too! I hope you take these seven common sense family road trip tips in mind when preparing your next adventure. It worked well for us.


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