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You might be surprised to learn that over 30,000 employees take at least a year to have a working holiday in Australia. These working holidays in Australia have become so popular that the Australian visa Bureau has put in place great time-saving tips to get you started if you are applying for a working holiday in Australia. One of the best tips is to plan early enough so that you do not get locked out!

The Australian working holiday visa is specially made and meant for persons aged between the ages of 18 to 30 years old. This permit gives one an opportunity and itinerary to work in Australia for one year.

If you really love the area, just like many others do, you will be allowed to extend your work travel visa for an additional period of 12 months; so much time as you agree to take a 3 months employment in some Australian regions that undertake seasonal harvest, and always present a proof of this employment when applying for your extension for the second year.

However, citizens of some countries do not have a lot of problems when applying for a working holiday in Australia. These are the residents of the United Kingdom and Ireland. All other countries where Australia has had special arrangements with the leaders of that country also do not experience a lot of problems taking a working holiday in Australia.

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You should, however, make your application on time since the Australian Visa Bureau may delay processing your application by the time you are planning to take flight if you submit your application up to the last minute. Therefore, as one of the general rules, you should submit your working holiday visa application at least two to six months before your planned departure time. In case you want to postpone your departure time after receiving your visa, then you will have 12 months duration to arrive in Australia. Afterwards, your visa will be recognized for exactly twelve months from the time you arrived in Australia.

Nevertheless, your visa application can be delayed willingly because of either a medical condition such as coming from a country with a high Ebola infection or you have a criminal conviction in either your country or other countries.

All in all, the worst mistake you can make is to submit your visa applications a week to the time a plane is departing to Australia. This is dangerous as the Australian visa bureau work at normal speed no matter the emergency. It is also good to note that you cannot be allowed to cooperate in Australia without the working holiday visa. You will, in fact, be immediately sent packing.


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