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12/5/2016: As a Reminder, we will be closed on Christmas and New Years Day, opening the day after each holiday with normal business hours.





11/28/16: Isaac Davidson crowned the range contest winner over Thanksgiving week with a score of 41 points with a 40 cal.  Details available on the Range Contest tab.


•     Entry Fee is $5.00.
•    Contest target will be provided. (ammunition will not be provided)
•     You must notify a member of the sales staff that you will be shooting your contest target. 
The ITP employee will monitor your shooting either from video in the store, or in the range 
•     You will take (5) shots with a pistol or revolver that hit the target from a distance of 21’.
o More than 5 shots can be taken to qualify the 5 hits as long as only 5 shots hit the target.
o Targets can be submitted with less than 5 hits but will be scored based on (5) shots.
o Targets submitted with more than (5) hits will be disqualified.
•    All submitted targets must be shot on our range during normal business hours.
•     Targets are to be submitted to a member of the sales staff and all targets each week will be 
displayed in the range corridor for viewing by all.
•    Targets must be submitted with the shooters full name, email address and phone number on the 
back of the target.
•    You need not rent range time to participate, but any entrant that does not have range time 
will only be permitted (5) shots to qualify their target for the contest. No practice or warm up 
time will be permitted and if less than 5 shots hit the target, no additional shots will be allowed 
without range time rental or range pass usage.
•     For range time users, the contest target can be shot at any time during the range visit or at 
the end of the range visit once you have completed your allotted rental or range pass time frame.
•     Contest will run from Monday at 10:00 am until Sunday at 4:30 pm. At that time, all contest 
targets submitted will be judged by ownership and a winner will be declared.
•    All winners will be posted on our Website and Facebook page and a weekly announcement will be 
sent out to email subscribers.
•    The winner of the weekly contest will receive a gift certificate for the total amount of entry 
dollars for that given week and a 10 visit range pass that has a $40.00 value and will be invited 
back for the quarterly tournament of champions.
•     You may enter as many times as you would like and a previous winner may continue to enter and 
win on a weekly basis.
•    Once every three months, the weekly winners will be invited to participate in a tournament of 
champions weekly contest that will require no entry fee to enter and the prize pool will be based 
on previous participation.
•    Reckless or careless behavior will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of the 
entry fee.
•    Ownership reserves the right to change or modify the rules without notice.
•    All decisions regarding winners are final and no protests will be heard.
•     All decisions made by ownership are final.
•    Tournament will begin on Monday November 7th.
•    Questions can be emailed to


11/28/16: Jeff Lynn crowned the winner of week 2 Range Contest with a combined score of 42 points with a 22 cal pistol.  Details on the Range Contest tab.

11/14/16: Jim Rader was crowned the week 1 overall winner of the range contest.  Jeff Lynn won the non-22 caliber.  Details on the Range Contest tab.