Experience the world

Experience the world

Although world travel is meant to be fun and opens up your eyes to the experiences of the world, it can also be stressful with health and money concerns.

But world travel does not have to be stressful if you take the right precautions beforehand. These precautions can include the travel consolidators to find good deals and discounts on the airline tickets, lodging, rental cars, and any tours you are taking during the trip.

It is also good to have medical resources, insurance, and passport information prepared and ready to go on your journey. As discussed in a previous blog post researching the CDC, US Dept of State or World Health Organization can provide you with a lot of great information on medical and vaccination needs before travel. Also making sure you check that your passport is not expired and is ready to go is an important thing to know before traveling.

Experience The World Of Adventure Travel

Another way to minimize stress while traveling is to keep a travel book with you such as a Lonely Planet book or Frommers/Fodors which provide useful information on what to do and see while you are in a country. Also, it doesn’t hurt to take a dictionary of the language you speak and the language of the country (e.g., English-French dictionary if you are going to France). That way if you are struggling with the language and getting information across to the locals you can consult your dictionary and try to get the right information.

While you are traveling, know that the embassy of your country is always at your disposal to help you in case any travel situations occur. When I was going in the Bahamas years ago, and we had some major trouble with our accommodations one of my friends contacted the American embassy, and someone was sent over to help us out. If you have any major problems, make sure you know that you are know how to contact the embassy.

Finally, while you are traveling keep contact information and copies of your passport information with family/friends back at home so that if any problems occur you can contact them and get help.

World travel does not need to be stressful if you take some precautions before you leave and while you are on travel leaving you the time and energy to enjoy your time away.

7 Common Sense Family Road Trip Tips

Family Road Trip Tips

Last week we had a long weekend because aside from the usual weekend days, Monday and Tuesday were also declared as non-working holidays. Since we don’t want to waste our time at home, my family decided to take a road trip. We don’t have any idea where to go; it was just a spontaneous decision. A night before our scheduled trip there was a travel show being shown on the cable, and we decided to visit one of the tourist attractions that was featured on the show.


Going on a family road trip, I mean not only your own family but including the in-laws and friends is not an easy task. You need to take a lot of considerations from where to go,  hiring a  group transportation, where to stop, where to eat. etc.. Being a seasoned traveler, the concept of a family trip is not a problem to us anymore. Here are the tips that I want to share with you on how to have fun and enjoyable trip with your family and close friends.

mother on a road trip

1. If you are taking kids with you, make sure you prepare a “backseat” activity for them to beat the boredom of traveling.

2. Bring extra food even if you have the plan to stop at any store or restaurants along the way. If possible bring along lots of snacks and drinks especially for the kids.

3. Don’t forget the camera! With social networks sprawling all over the internet, I’m sure you are eager to show to the world the fun you had on your trip.

4. Prepare your car/s for the voyage. Make sure all the cars that you will bring with you are all in tip-top condition. One car breakdown will suffer everyone. I recommend hiring a van or mini-bus for a group transportation.

5. Mobile phones are essential (or one-way radios) especially for the drivers to communicate.

6. Be a tour guide for the group if you’ve been to the place where you are going. Make the trip an educational one especially to the kids.

7. Volunteer. If there’s an opportunity, do it. For example, if there are five of you and only four can be accommodated on cable car ride then volunteer to be left behind and just take the next trip.


With a  little preparation, a family road trip can be a lot of fun and educational too! I hope you take these seven common sense family road trip tips in mind when preparing your next adventure. It worked well for us.

Flipkart Offers to consider – Best To Consider At The Moment

offers to consider to buy

Coupons have advanced over the years, so now they are better than ever before. As such, we can use them to get deep discounts and offers which don’t even look real. To get a better idea of the offers, we will mention some of the best below. Chances are high after that you will want to start using coupons after that.

Up to 40% off on electronics

flipkart offers to consider

Because of all of us like electronics and gadgets, we took the liberty to reveal some of the best deals regarding the products from this category. Some of the best deals include up to 40% discount on laptops and computers. Don’t forget that all of these commodities are latest models with impressive performances! They are also made by some of the best-known manufacturers. Getting discounts such are 35% on keyboards, printers and headphones won’t be strange.

One of the latest deals is related to Samsung Galaxy S8. It is amazing phone no less. Well, today you can get it with a discount of almost 20%! If you look carefully, in a few weeks, these prices will be even more affordable.

But some of the most impressive discounts are extended more than on just electronics. Now you can get a 40% discount on a holiday, which allows you to use traveling websites to get further discounts. In simple words, you can get travel at half a price.

Additionally, computer components are almost always at a discount. Graphic cards, RAM, and SSD drives come at a discount of 30-40%. If you pay attention to details, you will be able to get all of these items cheaper than ever.

More of the best offers of today

flipkart offers

There are a few deals more that deserve our attention. In a matter of fact, they are associated with Flipkart deals. At the moment, we have discounts of 70% of footwear, clothes, etc.  Some of the best brands are categorized among these deals. As such, you can get affordable Puma, Ray Ban, Adidas, etc. In reality, almost all brands come with a discount.

Flipkart is also related to the anniversary of Lenovo, so here we have the ability to get a decent discount. For example, K5 Note, a premium device, is at discount of Rs. 3000. If you prefer other brands, keep in mind that other smartphones are at a discount of Rs. 30.000.

For women, we saved the best for the end. Clothes can be more than just affordable with Flipkart coupons. Believe or not, the minimum discounts are at 50%, while the highest is at 80%. This also applies to some of the best brands in the business and the discounts will last for a couple of weeks.

For men, the situation is slightly different. flipkart today offer will save you up to 40% of clothes and footwear. A good thing is discounts for men’s watches. You can get 80% discount, while the minimum one is 40%.


How to get what you want with negotiation

give and take

Negotiation is a necessary life skill – it could mean the difference between being underpaid and getting the salary you deserve; between getting your kids to do some of the chores versus raising lazy kids; or unfairly paying for a portion of your friends’ restaurant bill versus trying your best to save money. Negotiation is not just for people with jobs in accounting who need to get the boss to spend less on wining and dining clients and more on training employees, but it is for everyone who is trying to carve out space for their self-worth.


Rule number one for negotiation

The first rule of negotiation is to value yourself and to appreciate the things you want. The basis for this value is to realize that it is okay to want things, especially if it means better compensation for what you are doing, instead of persistently compromising for others.

Rule number one for negotiation

What you need to be a better negotiator:

Give and take

Negotiation is not about making demands on another person (or other people) – it is about informing them that you would like your voice to be heard and your values respected. Asking your boss for a raise does not mean telling him to “show me the money!”, However, rather signaling to him that you think the extra work you have been doing and the time you have been committing to your job make you eligible for higher compensation. When he asks you for proof of your time and commitment, have the reports and figures ready to show how you have benefited his company and bottom line.

give and take

Don’t take it personally

Negotiation is making a deal. If you approach someone to negotiate, you have the goal in mind to get what you want. How you feel about what has led up to the negotiation is irrelevant – feeling short-changed, left out, betrayed, or passed over for promotion can all be dealt with after hours, as long as it does not affect your negotiation skills.

dont take it personal

Come prepared

As in the example mentioned above, it is best to come ready to a negotiation table. You want something out of this negotiation, so it is not a stretch to understand that the party you are negotiating with also wants something in return. Making a compelling argument in your favor takes work, and if you can back it up with reliable figures and proof, the party you are negotiating with won’t be able to fault you for subjective value.

Come prepared

Go in asking for more than what you want, knowing that the other party will try to negotiate down. In the end, make sure you get what you want.