Week 6 Winner:

Jim Rader

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Week 5 Winner:


Week 2 Winner:

Jeff Lynn

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Week #7 and 8 Overall Winners:

7- Jim Rader

8- Tommy Northrip

Week 7 once again saw the return of Jim Rader to the winner's circle with a score of 43 points with his  38 special.  I'd say Jim is going to provide some formidable competition heading into the tournament of champions as he has shown versatility winning with multiple calibers throughout the competition.

Week 8 saw another new winner for the week as Tommy Northrip burst in with a solid 42 with his S&W 38.

Only a few more weeks to qualify for the tournament of champions which will be held in just a few short weeks.  Details forthcoming on the format, rules and participants of the quarterly tournament of champions.

The tournament resets every Monday.  So come on back and give it your best SHOT!!!!!!

Week 1 Overall:

Jim Rader

Week 1 non-22:

Jeff Lynn

Week 3 Winner:

Isaac Davidson

Week 7 Winner:

Jim Rader

Week 8 Winner:

Tommy Northrip

Range Contest Information

Week 4 Winner:

Lee Eoff

Previous Week Winner

Jim Rader with a score of 43 in week 7

Tommy Northrip with a score of 42 in Week 8